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Dar Jasmin Farmhouse

Dar Jasmin 40a Triq, Gnien Imrik, Xaghra XRA102, Malta•+356 7705 5725


Excellent (5 Reviews)




5 reviews

Justin Vella



Very helpful and humble owner, everything was perfect.

Kristijan Krsteski



More than you can hope for. Perfect hosts, unbelievable 300 years old house. Resonant ambient, cool and peaceful and the surrounding area is a time capsule from a different age ;))

Pentti Sairanen (Mirador360)



Thank you Jackie and Mark for your hospitality. You made our stay in Ta' Matmura an unforgettable experience. So beautiful and tranquil secret oasis behind the blue door. We enjoyed all the locations and restaurants you recommended us. Your guidance was very useful. Breakfasts with fresh fruits seasoned with your interesting stories about the history of Ta' Matmura and many places around were a good start for our daily trips to Gozo showplaces. If possible we would give even more stars :). Highly recommended place to stay in Gozo island.

Adam K



I'd read all the five star reviews so perhaps expectations were higher than they should have been, but even so, staying at this place was a thoroughly depressing experience for my girlfriend and me. I'll try to keep it brief but the devil is in the detail here. The headline undesirable event was that the aircon wouldn't work when we got back at 1a.m. so we barely slept all night. But it was the build-up to, and astonishing aftermath of, that unfortunate event that really spoiled things. From the beginning: 1. Our room was decorated in a typical 1990s lazy tasteless English B&B sort of way. Random assorted plastic coat-hangers from Peacocks and Primark; Readers Digest books on a cheap pine shelf; charity shop pictures; flimsy plastic bedside lights. You know the sort of thing. 2. The door to our room opened onto a first floor outdoor communal terrace. It had an inside curtain down to the floor - because the door was mainly glass. The husband gave us very particular instructions to *tie the curtain RIGHT back* before leaving the room because otherwise the curtain "gets caught". Kind of annoying, because sunlight would stream in and heat up the room while we were out, and we were told not to have the aircon on unless we were in the room. Also, my girlfriend sleeps longer than me, so if I went outdoors at 8am leaving her sleeping, she'd have the light streaming in. Anyway, I quickly discovered that the curtain would *not* in fact "get caught" if you shut the door slowly and carefully. I was in the process of doing this at 7pm when the husband appeared on the terrace and practically shouted at me in his faint Liverpudlian accent, "EXCUSE ME! What did I tell you about tying the curtain back?!" Now call me old-fashioned, but I don't really want to be spoken to like that by a B&B owner when I'm paying them £80 a night, you know? (But again, I still had a fairly open mind about the place even after this - he calmed down pretty quickly when I profusely apologised and promised to observe his Golden Rule in future). 3. Car hire. I rang up after booking the place and asked for any car hire tips. He said very clearly, "No problem we'll sort that out for you - we'll have a car waiting for you on Saturday". When we arrived there was no car. (And no apology). The car guy, their mate, was on his way. We had to wait for him to pick us up and drive us *back* into Victoria to sort out the car. If we'd have known this we'd have just sorted it out ourselves beforehand. 4. Swimming pool. Only allowed to use it between 10am and 7pm (I think 7 - might have been 8). So no morning or evening swimming. No bathroom towels by the pool. No pool towels provided. Not a huge deal, but there's a slightly unfriendly sign, and you just get the sense they'd basically really rather you didn't. 5. MIND-BENDING RUDENESS after the aircon failed. I told him in the morning when I went to breakfast (which is only served between 8 and 9 by the way). I was totally calm and polite about it. The wife was making breakfast beside him. They were both silent. No apology. He just said "All I can do is take a look at it". Hm. Then, when I was eating breakfast I overheard the wife in the adjacent kitchen moaning about the fact we came back at 1.a.m.! Bear in mind they knew we were going to the nearby fireworks and procession, and we had a key, and he said when we were leaving "make sure you take the key because we might be in bed by the time you get back". There was NO suggestion of a curfew. The guy wanted to take the aircon unit apart. But who knows if he'd be able to fix it, or how long that would take. We just couldn't face four more nights so we found an Airbnb (which I usually try to avoid). It was far nicer, and cheaper.




Great Accommodation, impeccably clean place and caring hosts. Highly Recommended


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