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Lejlet Lapsi Notte Gozitana

In mid-May, the streets and squares of ir-Rabat come alive to the sounds and sights of a weekend festival of arts, culture and entertainment, Lejlet Lapsi Notte Gozitana, that runs well into the early hours.

This ir-Rabat (Victoria) festival is organised centrally by the Ministry for Gozo. Local councils and NGOs across Gozo also organise their own such events throughout the year. These include: Seħer il-Punent in l-Għarb; Fiori d’Argenta held in Ix-Xewkija; the il-Qala International Folk Festival held in il-Qala; the Fig Festival in ix-Xagħra; and the Lunzjata Valley’s Festubru.

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