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World of Water Fun

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If you’ve grown up on an island like Gozo, your summer memories summer are snapshots of days at the seaside, diving off rocks, snorkeling, splashing and sunbathing…

That’s all still there but there is no doubt that today Gozo’s rocky coves and sandy beaches now offer a fantastic world of water fun and adventure!

Today we’re listing a variety of water sports that can be enjoyed in Gozo during the summer months.

  • Boat rides:

Enjoy a chartered boat ride or sail away yourself to explore the coast.   Many boat ride operators are located in bays like Xlendi and Marsalforn. You can visit the little paradise of Comino, having your own private party organised, experience the magical moment of sunset out at sea… 

Enjoy the coastal views from the sea!
  • Canoeing and Kayaking:

Use muscle power for the ultimate adventure as you explore secluded coves, caves and bays.   Canoeing and kayaking can be practised at several bays and beaches around the island. Guided tours are also available.

  • Jet Ski:
    Let down your hair down and breeze through the waters on a jet ski. The thrill of speed along and the salty sea spray are difficult to beat!



Jet Skiing, Photo Credit: Xlendi Watersports
  • Towables:
    Let yourself and your friends or family be towed at high speeds on towables such as the doughnut rings, crazy sofas, double rings and banana rides. It’s fun for all the family! 
The fun of towables
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding: One of the latest water sports to take-over the island, SUP Boarding, is another exciting experience. Join a tour and hit the sea like never before!
SUP in Gozo, Photo Credit: Gozo Fun


  • Yet another surface water sport that feels like a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. If you’re keen on adventure, then make sure that this is on your bucketlist!
water fun
Wakeboarding, Photo Credit: Christian Azzopardi
  • Subwing:
    If you’re already experienced being towed over the surface of the water, it’s time to try the next thing – being towed under water!
subwing gozo, water fun
The thrill of the subwing
  • Hydroflying:
    The ultimate in water sports might be the jet pack experience or fly boarding. As its name suggests it literally feels like flying out of the water.


  • Diving: Literally, a world on its own, one cannot fail to mention diving.  Gozo’s marine zone is punctuated with impressive dive sites that have drawn top divers to the islands.  A whole world awaits to be discovered and with so many dive clubs on the island, the choice is truly yours!water fun

Make sure you try some of these activities while you’re in Gozo. You’re guaranteed great fun and adventure and impressive memories that will last a lifetime!

Check out great offers by licensed operators here.


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