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Why I Chose Gozo – Noemi Meichl

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Noemi Meichl, a Hungarian national, explains what made her visit the island of Gozo for the first time, and what inspired her to make Gozo her home. 

Having never heard of Gozo or Malta before, a few friends of mine moved to the Mediterranean island of Gozo in 2015 and I saw some truly breath-taking pictures on their social media pages taken from different locations all around the island. A few weeks later I bought a plane ticket to Malta for a short 5-day holiday, I had to see the beauty of the Maltese Islands with my own eyes! 

Having originally planned to stay in Malta for large part of my holiday I decided to turn it around and spend the major part of it in Gozo… best choice of my life! 

It’s hard not to fall in love with Gozo. Gozitans, as you’d call local residents on the island, are so nice and friendly, even though I didn’t speak a word of English at that time. I spent 5 days exploring all the beaches, villages, seaside locations, and cliffs all around the island and I could safely say that in 5 days I hadn’t had enough. So i decided to move to Gozo in 2015. 

Being an Aerial Yoga instructor back home in Hungary I was shocked to find out that here in Gozo no one had heard about Aerial Yoga before and it took me a while to make people understand that Aerial Yoga is not as hard as it looks. It is a mix of pilates, aerial gymnastics and yoga movements. 

 Aerial Yoga is something everyone can do, no matter the level of your fitness, and whilst Aerial Yoga got popular in Gozo I also started working on organising SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) yoga classes. This was an easy decision as Gozo has the nicest, most crystal-clear, turquoise water I have ever seen and combining this with yoga is something I had always dreamt of! 

 SUP is recognised as being one of the fastest growing sports across the world. Not only does it provide an amazing full body workout, but it immerses you in a relaxing water-based environment which is the perfect setting for yoga, exercise, and meditation.

After 7 years of living in Gozo, I am still in love with this majestic little island. I love our few dog-friendly beaches, the outstanding local cuisine such as the traditional ftira & Imqaret and I also love all the feasts including carnival, BBQs with live local music & of course the fireworks. 

Photos and story courtesy of Noémi Meichl, owner of Harmony Aerial Gym.


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