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Top 10 Diving Sites in Gozo (and Comino)

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With over 50 distinct diving sites in Gozo, there’s something for everyone. Here we’ve picked up 10 of the favourite ones.

The Blue Hole, Dwejra
Considered by many as being one of the top-most diving places, this is truly a spot you cannot miss. The Blue Hole in Dwejra, reached by walking over the shoreline is like an upright tube or funnel and once there you can explore the large cave at the bottom or the chimney that is abundant with marine life.




Reqqa Reef
Located on the Northern side of the island, the promontory at Reqqa Point features fissures and crevices, teaming with creatures like groupers, octopuses and large scorpion fish.


Inland Sea & Tunnel
The tunnel stretching from the Inland Sea to the open sea at Dwejra is another fascinating diving site. Reaching depths of up to 25 metres, this is another area prolific with marine life waiting to be explored.



Billinghurst Cave
Another interesting dive site along the Northern coast is Billinghurst Cave. This diving spot actually includes two caverns and in the second one can surface into a large air pocket.



Cathedral Cave
If you love underwater caves, then Cathedral Cave is another amazing spot. The cavern features a large domed vault and diving in the afternoon is ideal because this is the time when the cave is brightly lit by direct sunlight.


The 3 Wrecks: MV Karwela, MV Xlendi, MV Cominoland
These are actually 3 different diving sites that are all located at Xatt l-Aħmar. These 3 wrecks have become reefs thriving with life, but it is to be noted that the MV Xlendi is only suggested to experienced divers.



Mġarr ix-Xini & Ta’ Ċenċ
One of the preferred night dive spots, Mġarr ix-Xini is notorious for a wide variety of species including gurnards and seahorses.   Another site worth exploring is the spot beneath the Ta’ Ċenċ cliffs.



Double Arch
Known for the abundant marine life, this area gets its name from the impressive double arch formation that is found on an underwater rocky headline in the vicinity of Xwejni.


Santa Maria Caves Comino
The natural light and the thousands of saddled seabream that swim around the divers at this spot make it a memorable dive along the gulleys, caverns and swim-throughs.

Santa-Maria-Caves-Gozo-Diving Sites


P31 – Comino
An open water dive of the wreck that was once the Armed Forces of Malta patrol boat is also a firm favourite.  The wreck lying upright on the white sandy bottom is an excellent diving spot for different skill levels.

Gozo diving sites


If you have no diving experience, you might not be able to tackle some of the above dive spots, but we do suggest that you consider getting the first taste of a diving experience while in Gozo. Most diving clubs provide diving lessons and it’s easy to get started!

Photos Credit: Atlantis Gozo


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