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The Citadel through the Year

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Throughout the year the Citadel welcomes thousands of visitors. Those who enter are captivated by the atmosphere, the history, the views and the buildings themselves.

But the Citadel is alive in another way too. The Citadel’s calendar is punctuated with many events that bring a flourish of activity to the old fortress. Here’s a list of what the typical calendar includes:

Good Friday Procession – One springtime event is the Good Friday procession that issues forth from the Cathedral. This procession involves a series of statues presenting Christ’s last few hours before his death along with a number of people dressed up as Biblical characters.

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Easter Sunday Celebration – On Easter Sunday, the Cathedral organises the manifestation with the statue of the Risen Christ.


Science in the Citadel – set in spring, this event is meant to be a science extravaganza aimed at visitors of all ages.

The Citadel Gozo


Santa Maria Feast in August – Without a doubt, the feast of the Assumption of Saint Mary brings big crowds to the bastions of the Citadel. As the titular statue enters back the Citadel through the main door, many will be waiting in the main square and positioned along the bastions to watch the traditional spectacular fireworks display.

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Gozo Film Festival – Organised by the Gozo Film Club, the Gozo Film Festival, is a summer activity that promotes local and foreign filmmakers. The festival is held on St. John’s Demi-Bastion.

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Open Days for the Heritage Mata Sites – The Citadel is home for some rich Heritage Malta sites and through the year, Heritage Malta offers several open days, the last of which was held just last week on the 15th of August, on the feast day of the Assumption of Santa Marija.

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Other Events – Throughout the year, the Citadel is the chosen venue for several other notorious events like musical concerts, fashion shows, historic re-enactments and exhibitions.

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