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Spring – a time to fall in love with Gozo

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As spring rolls on, maybe it’s time for sneaking a trip to the island of Gozo. There’s no doubt that you’ll fall in love with it.

Countryside in splendour
Gozo’s countryside blooms in spring turning the island into a magical outdoor playground. A jigsaw puzzle of green and colourful carpets flowing over the terraced hills and confined by the rubble walls provide a sight that’s not only a delight to behold. It’s perfect not only for naturalists but also for those who love hiking, cycling, trekking, climbing and bouldering. Just imagine, closing your eyes in the warm sunshine and listening to the chirping birds whilst taking in the fresh air ….

Weather is just perfect
Not hot, not cold, just mild, making it truly pleasant to be out at any time during the day. Whether you’re touring around the island, visiting the museums and places of interest or engaging in outdoor activity like climbing, hiking or kayaking, spring is about making the most of the longer days and thus getting so much more out of your vacation!

Have the beaches all to yourself
Spring is the time when you’ll still be able to savour the peace at the beaches. It’s the time of the year when many are yearning to take their first dip but the water might be still slightly chilly …. Whether you dive in or not, it’s up to you but we do suggest that you enjoy some time at the beach.

Coastal Exploration
Coastal trekking can be done any time, but in spring you will avoid the sweltering summer heat. In Gozo, coastal trekking will take you along sandy and rocky shores, sheer cliffs and plateaus inlaid with fossils. And remember there are 2 ways to explore the coast – you can trek around or else you can enjoy a boat trip to catch sight of the coastal caves that are only accessible from the sea.

Heritage & Culture
In Gozo Spring is also synonymous with the Gaulitana Festival. The highlight of this multifarious programme of events in various genres and styles that will take place during April, will be Bellini’s opera Norma. Immerse yourself in history and experience the Citadel where a special programme has been prepared to commemorate the Citadel’s 150 years as a non-active fortress. This spring, the Citadel will also be hosting Science in the Citadel, a fun and stimulating experience for visitors of all ages in order to get people talking about science.

Delight your taste buds
You’re lucky if you’re on the island in spring as this is the season for the juiciest and reddest of strawberries that you’ve ever feasted on! Late spring also brings in the loquats. And on another note, wine from the previous harvest season is usually opened during Spring. So make sure you check out the local DOK Gozo.


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