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It’s a win-win situation when you dive in Gozo!

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Beneath the surface of the sea, lies a magical and colourful world waiting to be discovered. If you’ve already been diving in the Gozitan waters, you can understand clearly what we’re talking about. If you’ve never ventured into the spellbinding underwater world, here’s a few glimpses from the 13th Blue Dolphin of Malta, International Underwater Photography Competition that was held in Gozo a couple of days ago from the 18th to the 21st of October!

Thirty-six participants and foreign judges from the UK, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Romania, Hungary and Malta took part in the event. Shores dives were held at Dwejra’s Blue Hole, on the new Azure Reef and in the Inland Sea and Tunnel while boat diving took place in Comino, specifically at Lantern Point and at P-31 Wreck.

The winners for this year in the various categories were as follows:

Podium for Blue Dolphin of Malta International Underwater Photography Competition

Best Photo

  1. Jean Raphael Tordoir (FR)
  2. Rui Bernardo (PT)
  3. Antonio Palermo (IT)

Best Average Mark – Seahorse Class

  1. Antonio Palermo (IT)
  2. Rui Bernardo (PT)
  3. Alfio Scuderi (IT

Best Average Mark – Nudibranch Class

  1. Rita Rinaldi (IT)
  2. Raffaella Spagnolello (IT)
  3. Loredana Iuranello (IT)

Podium for Safari Photo Fish Hunting Competition – Apnea Class:

  1. Domenico Ruvolo
  2. Francesco Chiaramonte
  3. Alessandro Marcenaro

Podium for Safari Photo Fish Hunting Competition – SCUBA Class:

  1. Vincenzo Bono
  2. Alfio Scuderi
  3. Carmela Inguanti

Congratulations to all the winners!

With special thanks to Federation of Underwater Activities – Malta.

If you’ve new to the world of diving, check out more information here.

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