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Gozo’s Fruit Summer Basket

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Gozo’s not only bursting with scenes to discover and experiences to enjoy. In summer you cannot miss the mouth-watering abundance of local fresh fruit that will delight your taste buds!

June figs open the summer fruit season. These figs, which can be considered as the juiciest of the year are locally known, as St. John’s figs because they are usually available at the beginning of Summer, around the time of the feast of St. John the Baptist.

Nothing says summer more than that watermelon.  This fruit, which is essentially made up of 90% water, is a great way to stay hydrated all summer long!  Another firm favourite is the cantaloupe or netted melon because of its luscious and rich flavour.

Watermelons, summer fruit

Plums, both the dark red and white variety are also one of the delights of the season.   It’s also very difficult to ignore the decadently sweet smelling peaches and the juicy nectarines, the small pears known as ‘bambinella’ and grapes.

Bambinella & Peaches, summer fruit
Bambinella & Peaches

As the summer season rolls on, the prickly pears usually appear on the market later around August.  Time-consuming to pick and tricky to peel because of their spines, the fruit of the large cactus plant which grows abundantly on the island is unique in flavour. One can find different varieties – the yellow, the white and the red prickly pear fruit – conveniently peeled at some of the shops.

Easy to purchase through the many greengrocers and hawkers around the island, the above fruits are a quick and nutritious fresh snack and it’s also easy to create impressive fruit salads, kebabs and rope them in desserts.

If you’re in Gozo in summer, make sure you feast on this bounty!  Ripened by our sun, Gozo’s summer fruits are unrivalled when it comes to the taste of authentic Mediterranean goodness that’s as sweet as honey.   It’s another memory you’ll take back home.

Netted Melons, summer fruit
Netted Melons


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