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Gozo, an ideal family holiday hotspot

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Gozo is a perfect family-friendly holiday destination with stunning beaches, clear seas and a safe environment for youngsters to roam freely.  Although the eclectic island spans just 67 km² it really does pack a lot in.

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Celebrated for its raw, untamed, natural beauty and with an interesting mix of beaches, bays and dynamic coastal valleys, Gozo is ideal for hassle-free family fun whether swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, windsurfing, diving or simply chilling on the beach, making sandcastles and long-lasting memories by the shore.

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When considering accommodation; Gozo’s vast selection of characterful farm houses for hire suit families yearning to relax, unwind in a home from home environment.  Alternatively, there are child-friendly hotels and guest houses in abundance on the island.

When it comes to entertaining your family – whether you have tricky toddlers or challenging teenagers, never fear, because Gozo’s bustling events calendar is loaded with family events; from live music festivals, open-air concerts, food fairs, religious feasts and firework spectaculars, through to carnival pageants, historical reconstructions and assorted family focused daytime events – like The Kite and Wind Festival which, like so many others is a free to attend event.

The benefits of Gozo being small is that you’re never more than 15 minutes away from the coast, and as one of Europe’s leading dive resorts lauded for its crystal blue waters and marvelous marine life, you can be sure of a great mix of watersports to participate in with expert instructors on hand to guide you.

Swimmers, canoers, divers and snorkelers enjoy seeking out coastal scenery and marine life along our bays, beaches and coves. If your kids like getting soaked in the surf while accomplishing new skills, then Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding or Canoeing may appeal. Or how about scuba-diving?  Gozo has an outdoor pursuit company offering underwater ‘Mini B’ scuba kits specifically for youngsters aged from 12 upwards, giving them the chance to scuba-dive for real in our seas.

The ‘Mini B’ kits in action. Photo credit: Pete Bullen.

Ramla Bay, known locally as “Ramla il-Ħamra” is Gozo’s most popular beach.  Famous for its vivid red sands this long sandy beach attracts visiting and local families throughout the summer.  With its beach-based restaurants and watersports skirting the shores, there’s plenty to keep families of all ages enthralled. Whereas, Marsalforn and Xlendi Bay’s coastal resorts are picturesque bays with smaller beaches nestled amongst dramatic coastal scenery –  and are both popular with families because of the multiple restaurants lining their promenades, serving up superb Mediterranean cuisine.

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If your family crave quieter coastal experiences off the beaten track, then why not visit Ħondoq Bay, Mġarr ix-Xini, Dahlet Qorrot or Wied il-Ghasri.  The beauty of Gozo is that there’s so many unique bays and beaches to choose from once you know where to find them!

Wied il-Ghasri is a little-known gem, it’s a coastal valley popular with thrill seeking snorkelers and divers who enjoy exploring the wonders of its amazing underwater caves.  For more information on watersports in Gozo – check out our recent blog here.

If you prefer seeking your thrills up high, rather than leagues below then Gozo Adventures offer abseiling and rock-climbing activities; giving you the chance to get up close and personal to our rock’s stunning rock as you ascend up it or abseil down it.  Qualified instructors will teach you the basics before coaching you on your journey.

Talking of journeys, are you interested in some land-based active sightseeing or outdoor pursuits to get your family fit and animated? Gozo’s mix of coastal and country trails reward visitors with breathtaking scenery en-route, whatever the season. 

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Why not go eco-friendly in Gozo?  Hire bicycles, e-bikes or segways to travel the island at your own pace, accessing our unique landscapes, setting your pulses racing and making memories along the way.

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Or alternatively, take the reins, saddle-up and book a horse-riding tour.  Gozo Stables and Lino Stables offer thrilling instructor-led horse-riding tours giving visitors an unforgettable experience; with horses suitable for inexperienced riders right through to accomplished equestrians.

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If your youngsters are not yet of riding age or ability and would prefer petting the horses, then makes sure you factor in a visit to the Dreams of Horses Farm in Ix-Xagħra.  This multi-purpose farm and therapy centre is home to many rescued and rehabilitated animals, where children can pet and even feed some of the creatures.  It is simply a must for young families.

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Gozo’s unique 7,000 year history is the stuff of bedtime stories; interweaving goddesses, knights and military battles with legendary tales to delight and inspire any young history buff.   

Plus, with internationally significant historical sites like Ġgantija Temples – a Megalithic site older than Egypt’s Pyramids and, our ancient imposing fortified city, The Cittadella, once home to the famous Knights of St John – there’s certainly enough distinct history to fire up their imagination. 

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Not forgetting of course, our historic windmills, legendary caves and ancient rock formations.  Young history and geology fans who adore exploring the very real kind of history you can touch, smell and feel will amaze in wonder, unlocking tales from Gozo’s past.
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