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Enjoying a glass of wine? Look for DOK Gozo certification

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If you had to classify islands by size, Gozo is truly tiny. It’s not even visible on the map of the world. But the island has unique characteristics and features that have made it world famous.

From the temples of Ġgantija to the awesome diving spots like the Blue Hole in Dwejra, the island is noted by many savvy travellers. But away from the cultural, historical and natural landmarks, the island is also acclaimed for its produce like honey and wine.

When it comes to wine, few might be aware that Gozo as a region has its own DOK Gozo label. This means that the specific types of grapes that are grown in Gozitan vineyards yield quality authentic wines that are only associated with the region. In other words, such wines are only made from grapes grown in Gozo! DOK Gozo wines are guaranteed wines because these wines would have been awarded the label following a rigorous process that follows and checks through during the growing and harvest of the grapes, right up to the making and labelling of wine. In fact, such wines are even tested in laboratories abroad to ensure that they reach certain criteria attributable to this specific quality label.


While you’re on the islands, you will find wines from different vintners carrying the DOK Gozo label. Enjoy these distinct wines while dining out and at the various bars and taverns. You can also visit the vineyard and estates where DOK Gozo wines are produced.

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