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Drive through Gozo with a motorbike!

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Touring the island of Gozo on a motorbike is a great experience!  Here are some tips if you’re interested in riding around the island….

  1. Routes and Scenic Spots
    Riding through Gozo’s streets, roads and country lanes you will enjoy becoming one with the surroundings. The first stretch of the journey could lead you from Mġarr to the main square in the village of Xewkija where you can bask in the shadow of the imposing Rotunda Church. From Xewkija you can travel through the secondary roads down to the cove of Mġarr ix-Xini and eventually drive up to the Ta’ Ċenċ. Head over to Munxar and steer down to Xlendi Bay, one of Gozo’s favourite beaches.  If you focus on the western side of the island, you can tour through the villages of Kerċem and Santa Luċija. Once you leave the villages you will be driving in the open countryside through a road that leads you alongside the majestic cliffs of Xlendi and the stone quarries of San Lawrenz. Ultimately you will end up in Dwejra and from here you can then explore the Northern part of the island comprising the San Dimitri area, the Lighthouse path, and the villages of Għasri and Żebbuġ.  Do not drive by Wied il-Għasri and Wied il-Mielaħ without getting off the motorbike to admire the views!  From this area, you can calmly cruise by the saltpans of Xwejni and eventually reach Marsalforn.  Exploring the North-Eastern side of Gozo also has its charms. The winding roads uphill and downhill roads that lead to Ramla l-Ħamra, San BlasDaħlet Qorrot and Ħondoq ir-Rummien are all meandering routes that bring in a sense of freedom and adventure.  At all places mentioned, you can enjoy a pit-stop to rest and grab a snack, lunch or dinner as you please from the various shops and restaurants!
  1. Coming over with your motorbike – If you’re arriving in Gozo with your own motorbike, you’ll be taking the ferry. The first thing to note is that motorbikes board the ferry before all other vehicles so feel free to jump the queue! There is no doubt that you can discover all the nooks and crannies of Gozo over the span of a couple of days when you’re driving your own bike but if you want to experience the island, find some accommodation to be your base and plan some days so that you experience Gozo in more depth.   On another note, if your bike needs maintenance while in Gozo, do ask for the local garages. People are usually helpful, friendly and keen professionals.
  1. Tanking up – Gozo’s gas stations or as they are called locally ‘petrol stations’ are found along the main road that leads from Mġarr Harbour up to the centre of Rabat, the city of Gozo. In any case, nowhere is too far away in Gozo so if you hit the reserve on your tank you’re always a few kilometres away from the nearest station!
  1. Renting out a Motorbike – If you’re not coming overland with your own motorbike, you can still enjoy Gozo on one. Motorbike and scooter rental are also available from car hire agencies. You’ll then be free to zoom around the towns and villages at your pace and time!

Touring Gozo on a motorbike is truly rewarding.  It’s a small island but a treasure-trove of country roads waiting to be explored, farm lanes in which to get lost, and a myriad of picture-perfect spots to be discovered!

Driving through Gozo on motorbike
Driving through Gozo on motorbike
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