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Check out how science can act in the Citadel!

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If you love science then it’s a must that on Saturday 28th April, you head up to the for the science festival of Science in the Citadel 2018.


Join the crowds of families, children and scientists interacting together within the historic Citadel.  It’s all about an experience that’s meant to get us all thinking creativity about the fascinating world of science and how’s it relevant to all of us!  The programme of events is bursting with activities aimed at different age groups and here are some of the key events that you can expect on Saturday:

  • The science fair will take place all day long and these will be featuring experiments and topics related to the natural world such as sharks, migrating birds, and human anatomy along with the tech aspects such as artificial intelligence, digital gaming and robotics. Children will enjoy exploring and discovering in an atmosphere of fun and creativity.
  • A variety of exhibits and workshops featuring subjects such as science of colour and science in art, art and science of beekeeping. Several workshops are being prepared exclusively for kids such as the Esplora: Me, My Body and I, Kids Dig Science and Hour of Code.  This is one unique way of learning away from the everyday classroom!
  • A number of shows, including puppet shows, will present interesting topics such as the science involved in film-making and the science of sounds. One highly intriguing experience is the ‘Brain-Rave’, an exhibit which allows participants to generate real music with their own mind.
  • Away from the ‘fun’ activities for children, Science in the Citadel is bringing some serious seminars for an older audience. Topics covered during the seminars are meant to address interest in a variety of fields.  From solar engineering to the wrecks at Xlendi to the treatment of ALS and other aspects like apiteraphy, astronomy and energy in the home, the event promises to be interesting to all those who are fascinated by the beauty and truth of science and facts.

For those who are interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Science in the Citadel holds special appeal as it will feature an Incubator area, involving the  participation of experts such as science communicators, marine biologists, AI/Gaming researchers, pharmacologists, and biomedical researchers who are currently heavily involved in STEM. From useful career advice and how to start up your own tech business, the incubator seminars and debates are bound to be stimulating to all budding scientists and innovators.   You can also participate in the FameLab competition, an international competition that gives scientists, mathematicians and engineers the opportunity to present a particular topic in 3 minutes.

Whether you decide to check out only some exhibits or shows or turn this into a whole day event it’s up to you. There is no doubt that the Citadel’s historic and majestic presence is well poised to inspire the audience whilst acting as platform from which visitors of all ages can get compelling glimpses of science and its future.

Check out the full programme of Events here.

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