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Catch of the Day – Favourite Fish Dishes in Gozo!

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From the traditional fish soup or aljotta as it is known, to the more complex dishes like lampuki pie of stuffed calamari here’s a list of favourite appetizers and main dishes that are typical of the island of Gozo. As a Mediterranean island, this is truly no surprise.

Appetising starters

• Officially kicking off this list is deep-fried classic whitebait or vaporella. Crunchy to bite, this dish is typical of people who live close to the sea. If the tiny fish is not your thing, you might want to taste other options like fried calamari that are best enjoyed with a drizzle of local olive oil or fresh basil and garlic sauce.

• Onions, garlic, tomatoes and a bouquet of fresh herbs, are the base ingredients for the traditional fish soup, which naturally includes a mix of fish cleaned and cut into pieces.

• If you’re a real foodie, you might want to consider fish carpaccio that’s served at some of the restaurants.

Inspiring Entrees & Pasta Dishes

• A firm favourite, octopus in garlic is featured on many restaurants’ menus, but octopus can be dressed up in so many ways.

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  • When it comes to the baked favourites, saddled seabream(kaħlija) is often a fish of choice, along with dolphin fish(lampuki), red mullet(trilja) and sea bass(spnott).

  • Many times underrated but the skate fish (ħamiema) can be a great dish to consider.

  • Fresh tuna is also a regular feature and it can be the ideal choice if you’re after on an excellent steak.

  • When it comes to dolphin fish (lampuki), there are so many things to do with them and it’s really about the creativity of the chef ….

  • Fish is also present in a variety of pasta and risotto dishes.

If you’re visiting Gozo  during the lampuki season, starting in September, make sure you ask for the lampuki pie. It’s a very traditional dish that most local housewives will be tackling as soon as the lampuki season is in full swing and it never fails to delight, with its distinct flavours.

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