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Where can I do wellness, fitness & yoga in Gozo?

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Everyone has different ideas about wellness. For some a recharging holiday is stepping out of the normal routine and engaging in intensive activities, for others it is about a laid-back time where revival is about finding space for one’s self and finding peace and serenity.

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Gozo is a great choice for both options. If you’re on holiday to indulge in hair-raising experiences which are not part of your routine like abseiling, kayaking, extreme bike riding and diving, you’re on the right island. If you’re looking at Gozo as the place where you can unwind and pamper yourself, then we’re glad to let you know that Gozo is that and more.

When it comes to wellness and health, Gozo has a natural affinity. The countryside, the coast and the sea are beneficial and over the years, a number of wellness retreats have sprouted on the island. Some of the spas are more widely known than others, especially those that are provided through the 5-star hotels. However on Gozo, one can find not only spa facilities but wellness programmes complete with lessons and workshops (including food workshops) where you can get pampered and enjoy holistic services of different types. Chinese therapy, acupuncture, massage, along with Ayurveda treatments and Pilates sessions are some of the different wellness programmes that are provided in Gozo by accredited therapists. It’s all about rediscovering yourself and seeking an opportunity to renew your spirit. And all this happens on Gozo – an island where you can also relish visiting historic places, and attending cultural events!

If you’re after a fitness regime, then we’ve got good news for you! In Gozo, you can find several fitness centres and gyms that are not only full equipped and very spacious, but they are run by qualified professional trainers. Training sessions can also be conducted out in the open countryside or at the beach for added inspiration. If you’re coming to the island for a bout of intensive workouts, you will not be disappointed!

A word about Yoga…. The island has been blessed with many locations that transcend the ordinary. In Gozo, you will find not yoga classes and workshops but full retreats some of which come with full inclusive accommodation. If you’re interested, just get in contact with some of the instructors on the island and decide which programme is best suited to your needs. After all, what can be better than practising yoga at the beach at sunrise or sunset?

No matter which kind of holiday you opt for, Gozo will always give you a feel-good sense. This small island is many times seen as an oasis of health by those who came once and now return again and again for rejuvenation.

Click here for a full list of wellness and fitness centres and spas.

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