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An Accessible Holiday in Gozo

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As part of the drive to welcome all travellers, the island of Gozo is constantly on the lookout on how to make the island more enjoyable to all segments, including those who might have particular accessibility needs.

Travelling to Gozo

Most travellers arrive in Gozo via the Gozo Channel Ferry. When boarding the ferry, it is important to note that both terminals and  ferries include lift facilities for people with special mobility needs.  If at any point during boarding or during the trip you need help, we suggest that you speak directly to the crew.

Accommodation in Gozo

Gozo offers  mobility-friendly accommodation facilities. Accommodation is a central theme when booking a holiday. We suggest that you search for those hotels, guesthouses, boutique hotels or holiday rentals that clearly state that they provide facilities like wheelchair friendly bathrooms (and show pictures of such facilities). Do not shy from contacting the management asking for other particular requirements that you might have such as diet needs or the possibility of storing medication in a fridge.  Most places in Gozo are keen to help out to ensure that you can enjoy your holiday and have a great time.

Out and about in Gozo

You will find that many places like places of interest in Gozo have been built around the concept of accessibility and inclusion.  Special parking spaces are reserved for people with wheelchairs and many places have ramps and /or lifts in order to ensure that everyone enjoys a more relaxed holiday.

Beaches in Gozo 

Wooden pathways are provided in Ħondoq, Marsalforn and Ramla Bay so that persons with pushchairs or wheelchairs can still have access to the shore.     Sand buggies that can be used by persons who use wheelchairs are also available at Ramla Bay from 10am to 5pm and users need to be accompanied by another person.

Wooden pathways make Ramla bay accessible
Wooden pathways make Ramla Bay accessible.
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