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5 interesting things you might not know about the village of Munxar

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Munxar might be one of the smallest Gozitan villages but it is a charming and fascinating place.  Literally a stone’s throw away from Victoria, but completely surrounded by countryside, the village is typically a very tranquil one.

  1. Established as a parish in 1957, but mentioned in a notarial deed as early as 1584, Munxar gets its name from the topography of its particular location. Perched on top and sprawled between the two valleys that lead to Xlendi bay, the area is shaped like a letter H or a Monxiar (a bucksaw), a tool used for sawing firewood.
The statue of St. Paul at the Church of St. Paul's Shipwreck in Munxar
The statue of St. Paul at the Church of St. Paul’s Shipwreck in Munxar
  1. The patron saint of the village is Saint Paul. St Paul, whose traditional feast is marked by a public holiday on the 10th February, is a favourite local saint and the introduction of Christianity to the Maltese islands is attributed to him.  Munxar celebrates the Saint’s feast in May and this feast can be considered as the prelude to the Gozitan summer feasts as it is the first to mark the season.
  2. Maybe few know that Professor Ġuże’ Aquilina, who is famous for the monumental work of the Maltese-English Dictionary, was born in Munxar.  Aquilina, an author, a poet and a linguist served as Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Malta.  Today the playground at Munxar bears his name, a nod to the man who was not only a pioneer for the Maltese language but who also left extensive heritage in terms of the printed word.
  3. Munxar is home to the Marziena Temples.  Never excavated, the site presents what appear to be megalithic blocks that can possibly be attributed to the same Neolithic times of Ġgantija.
  4. Munxar can boast of being home to the Sanap cliffs.  Walking up from the main square of the village, and taking the country lane that leads right up to the cliffs’ edge is a lovely hike that leaves one speechless in front of the majestic grandeur of Il-Pinnur, which is the highest point of the area.  Perched up very high, this point is a vantage point offering unparalleled views of the southern coast of Gozo, Comino to the left and north coast of Malta right in front.  From here one can even hike all the way to Xlendi along the terraced fields and serene countryside, often a grazing site for goats and sheep.
Sanap Cliffs in Munxar
Sanap Cliffs in Munxar


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