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6 Hidden and very Photogenic Beaches in Gozo

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Gozo is a tiny island but there is a lot to explore and discover. Today we’re bringing you 6 ‘hidden’ beaches, so hidden and so off the beaten path that even the locals might not be aware of how exactly to locate them!

  1. Għajn Barrani

This stretch of coast that runs between the Marsalforn cliffs and Ramla l-Ħamra is an idyllic bathing spot. You can reach Għajn Barrani beach either through Marsalforn or Xagħra. Għajn Barrani is a Natura 2000 site and is synonymous with the fresh water springs in the area. 

Għajn Barrani
  1. Ta’ Ġordum

Beneath Fort Chambray, just around the corner from Mġarr Harbour, one can find Ta’ Ġordum, a small cove to which access is only possible when the tide is low.  Getting to this spot, means following the path that runs just below the pine trees grove beneath Fort Chambray.

  1. Bamberin Beach

Popular with local divers, Bamberin beach is easier to reach via boat than on foot. This is because it involves walking over the rocky stretch that meanders from Ħondoq Bay.  Bamberin beach or inlet is like a miniature fjord with suggestive aquamarine waters and caves and it is well worth the huffing and puffing of the walk that takes you there! 

Bemberin Beach
  1. San Filep Bay

San Filep Bay is easy to locate if you get to Daħlet Qorrot.  It is a small cove where a lot of boulders are scattered over the shallow bay.  The area which is popular as a fishing site, is very rich in flora and fauna. 

San Filep Bay next to Daħlet Qorrot
  1. Mistra Rocks

A stone’s throw away from San Filep beach is yet another small cove.  Known as the Mistra Rocks this is another hidden beauty where the weathered limestone of the cliffs has caused boulders to fall off and in so doing has created yet another perfect and pristine bathing spot.

They’re all worth a visit but take our tip:  if you’re intent on discovering these 5 ‘hidden’ beaches head off with a good pair of walking shoes and at least a bottle of water. And don’t forget your snorkelling mask!  Keep safe along the coastline and exert extra caution. Always explore with a buddy, take extra care along rocky areas and beware of freak waves and rip currents.zriezaq

  1. Zriezaq
This wonderful  bay can be found on the way to Hondoq ir-Rummien beach. As you head down, there will be a small road on the left from which you need to turn. Be sure to note that this bay is inaccessible by car and proper footwear is definitely recommended. Whether during sunrise or sunset this beautiful bay is a perfect spot to get some down time, relax and enjoy your surroundings. It is always best that you prepare some food and drink to take with you since there will not be any kiosks available. 
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