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4 hobbies you should try in Gozo

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Are you trying to escape the daily grind? Do you want to explore an island and revitalise yourself in so doing? Then check out these outdoor hobbies from the little island of Gozo! Maybe it’s time you booked yourself a Mediterranean holiday.

1. Rambling, Hiking & Nordic Walking

Head out solo or join the groups to hike around the island. You will walk through villages and countryside. It’s not only for those who are interested in nature. Hiking through Gozo is like rambling about in a history book, as in every place you will encounter stories and legends.

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Coastal walks are highly suggested as you will wander through sandy beaches, craggy shores, and next to sheer cliffs. If you don’t know from where to start, check out the hikes that have already been charted out. And don’t forget that the island of Comino offers spectacular walks.

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2. Abseiling, Bouldering & Climbing
The island’s geographically interesting terrain provides a myriad of abseiling, bouldering and climbing adventures.


From Mġarr ix-Xini to Xlendi, Ta’ Ċenċ and Wied il-Mielaħ, it is imperative that these thrilling experiences are tackled with the appropriate safety measures, professional equipment and under the guidance of experts. Novices should not attempt tackling crevasses and rock faces on their own as this can be very risky.

A well-planned climbing adventure is highly rewarding for those who enjoy the joy of being one with the surroundings.

3. Kayaking
If the sea is your thing and the weather permits, then kayaking in Gozo should be on your bucketlist. Paddle out at your own leisure from different bays such as Xlendi and the inland sea of Dwejra. Gozo boasts an impressive coastline and if the weather and wind is in your favour you can spend your whole holiday kayaking around Gozo and Comino, whilst visiting the different coves and secret inlets around the island.

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4. Segway
For a more relaxed way of enjoying the outdoors, try Segway. You’ll not get tired feet as you reach out to Gozo’s hidden locations. You’ll drive around the countryside and pastures, passing through colourful and lively squares complemented by the quiet village streets. Segway is a fun idea for families and people of different ages and it’s easy to join one of the many tours that explore the different sides of the island.



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