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10 Towers to check out in Gozo

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Beautiful days and great weather summon outdoors. If you’re out and about exploring the island of Gozo, you might want to explore the various towers and forts that the island has. Most of them happen to be located at some of the charming spots on the island and when open to the public, you’ll also enjoy a richer experience.

Here’s a roundup of the various towers and fortifications that you can check out while on the island of Gozo.

  1. Fort Chambray –  Intrinsically part of the welcoming view of the island, the fort dates back to the mid-eighteenth century.
  2. St. Anthony’s Battery – This is one of the least known fortifications of the island but hiking this area in the early hours of the day will reward you with amazing sunrise views of the channel of Comino.
  3. Isopu Tower – Located in Nadur, Isopu Tower is one of the restored towers of the island. Rising above the skyline of Rihan Valley, this is a truly a picturesque spot.
  4. Qolla l-Bajda Battery – Next door to the salt pans area, the battery overlooking the sea is set on the promontory between Qbajjar and Xwejni.
  5. Dwejra Tower – This might be one of the most visited towers on the island and it’s always worth the time to explore the area and watch a spell-binding sunset.
  6. Xlendi Tower – Another beautiful spot to enjoy, the coastal tower at Xlendi happens to be the oldest of watchtowers in Gozo.
  7. Mġarr ix-Xini Tower – We’ve covered this tower in a recent blog post. Check it out here.
  8. Ta’ Kenuna Tower – More fantastic views await at Ta’ Kenuna Tower, which is actually a semaphore tower that was built by the British.
  9. St. Cecilia Tower and Chapel – On the main road to Għajnsielem, you cannot miss out the St. Cecilia tower,  which is a private residence. Don’t miss the medieval St. Cecilia’s chapel next door to the tower.
  10. The Citadel – Concluding the list with the Gran Castello or the Citadel, this place should be on everyone’s bucket list. When you visit during the day you can also tour the various museums. At nighttime, the place is magical and wandering around the narrow streets and bastions feels like you’ve set foot back in time.



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